Selected Poems from Masaki

A small collection of poems submitted to the site by poet Masaki.

Poems by Masaki
Translation by Hamish Smith
Edited by Emily Balistrieri

A grape

These vines are dying
They aren’t sick
But the leaves are withered
No flowers, no fruit
It’s just overgrown
We should just
Chop it down
Is what the workers are saying
Only the owner won’t let them
Even myself, a grapevine,
Would want to be cut down
If they would toss me
Into the fire

This Day Today

It will never come back
But I feel like
It could last forever
From now on
Like drinking freshly-squeezed juice
Like taking the last of the milk
Like tasting my mom’s stew
I will keep this day dear.

Whether you nap
Whether you work
Enjoy this day
All you can
Like a meal you will only have once
Like precious, precious
Time spent with you
Keep it dear.

Precious Night

The stars are beautiful tonight
A chill blows past
I can hear your voice

Let me
Help you
Carry the burden

Those words
warm my heart
like a flame

Our lord
In the sorrow of life
I think of you

In this short life
On this night I draw solace
My heart longs for you

Merry Christmas

A night of falling stars
Try to speak
About your pain
The lord hurts
With you

Merry Christmas
A night of falling stars
Say something
Your wishes
The lord rejoices
With you

Merry Christmas
For you
Merry Christmas
This night is given
Merry Christmas
Celebrate it together
Merry Christmas


I can’t go back
Travel the world of dreams
As I did the day before

The mirror in the morning
I look so small
Doing my morning exercises

My geart dances
For I may meet the one I love
Or anyone at all

I don’t know
How I’ll feel by midday
But I do like this morning

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